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This section of HipandPelvis.com provides the visitor with current thinking and trends as expressed by the orthopaedic surgeons of The Hip and Pelvis Institute at St John’s Health Center.  It also provides information not covered in our traditional patient education section.

Information on this site is based on current medical information as interpreted by the MD’s of The Hip and Pelvis Institute.  At any point in time, medical information is always incomplete and subject to interpretation and therefore there are differences of opinions and recommendations between experts.  I believe that the internet serves an important function by making medical information more accessible to everyone.

Joel Matta, MD, Founder and Director, Hip and Pelvis Institute

  • excellence

Excellence in Clinical Practice

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CLINICAL RESULTS Joel M. Matta, M.D. What is the formula for excellence in orthopaedic clinical practice? Certainly there is no set formula for all but I will give you my thoughts […]

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  • Resurfacing

Anterior Approach Hip Resurfacing

I am asked, “Is hip resurfacing arthroplasty possible through the anterior approach.”   The answer is yes and I believe that the anterior approach is the preferable way to perform this procedure.   Hip resurfacing, also known […]

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  • apps-health-fitness1

Some Comments on Health and Fitness

There is quite a bit more that people can do for their own health than MD’s can do. Maintaining/improving ones health and fitness is a lifelong project that we need essentially daily consideration of. I […]

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Hip Replacement Materials

Patients often ask “What are the hip replacement parts made of and what is the best?” Both cemented and uncemented hip prostheses can have excellent long term results. The current trend however is toward uncemented. With uncemented hips, […]

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  • Approaches

Surgical Approaches for Hip Replacement

The “approach” refers to the pathway that the surgeon takes through the soft tissues to reach the bone and perform hip replacement.  The approaches are:  anterior (Smith-Petersen), antero-lateral (Watson-Jones), lateral (Harding), and posterior (Kocher-Langenbeck).  The […]

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  • The Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Enhancing Safety and Accuracy of Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

The “approach” is the incision used for hip replacement and the deep pathway taken through the soft tissues.  “Anterior Approach” refers to the use of the Short Smith-Petersen Approach to the hip. Simply choosing the […]

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