25 Year Old Male with displaced fracture of the sacrum and
symphysis pubis.
The most severe pelvic fractures separate the two sides of the pelvis from each other.

Following surgical reconstruction.
This separation if not corrected can lead to loss of leg length, sitting problems, and impaired walking capabilities. Surgical repair by internal fixation is most effective.

19 year old female two years after inadequately treated pelvic fracture with resulting severe deformity.
Inadequately treated pelvic fractures resulting in pelvic deformity and/or non-union (lack of healing) at months or years after injury are formidable problems for the patient and orthopaedic surgeon.

After surgical correction of deformity.
A three stage pelvic reconstruction, however, has the possibility for restoring a deformed pelvis to a close to normal shape. The procedure however is complex (requiring about 8 hours) and involves cutting the pelvis through the multiple old fracture sites, repositioning the bone and performing internal fixation.

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