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Affiliated Physicians

Physicians Affiliated with the Hip & Pelvis Institute

Dr. Matta is the founder and director of the Hip & Pelvis Institute.  Drs. Yun, Klenck and Ziran are affiliated with the Institute and run their own separate private practices.  Please be advised that the information provided here primarily serves Dr. Matta’s patients.  If you would like information specific to Dr. Yun, see his website at www.orthojoints.net.

For Dr. Klenck’s practice, please contact his administrative assitant at (310) 582-7475.

For Dr. Ziran’s practice, please contact Alejandra Galvez at (310) 582-7475.

Joel M. Matta, MDJoel M. Matta, MD

Dr. Joel Matta is an orthopaedic surgeon practicing hip and pelvic reconstruction.

 Robert Klenck, MD

Dr. Robert Klenck is an orthopaedic surgeon practicing hip and pelvis reconstruction and knee arthroplasty.

Dr. YunAndrew Yun, MD

Dr. Andrew Yun is a knee & hip replacement specialist.  


Dr. Navid M. Ziran is a hip & pelvis reconstruction specialist and orthopaedic traumatologist.